eDiscovery is a dynamic 7-week program delivered on a set of foundational workshops designed for UBCO students, faculty, staff, alumni, researchers and the broader Okanagan community to transform their innovative ideas into sustainable impact.

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Whether you’re envisioning a new service, delivering a program, starting a business, creating a not-for-profit, or anything in between, eDiscovery provides the essential tools and resources to build toward sustainability. 

the program

eDiscovery walks participants through the journey of turning an idea into impactful real-world outcomes. In partnership with WeBC, this no-cost program is delivered through a series of core workshops from Accelerate Okanagan and supplemented with tailored online training from Impact Toolbox. Over the course of seven weeks, participants will harness the comprehensive resources provided by Impact Toolbox to advance their ideas in between workshops. Gain not only a structured framework for defining problems and presenting and positioning solutions but also valuable insights into what all goes into becoming a successful problem solver or business owner. 

Through the structured in-person section of the program, participants will receive guidance from an experienced innovator who has ‘been there’ and ‘done that’. Supplemented with practical insight, eDiscovery provides the skills necessary to define problems that are worth solving, validate business ideas by engaging with customers and end-users, craft solutions built for a target audience, create viable business models, and effectively communicate concepts to diverse stakeholders.

Workshop sessions will guide participants through:

  • Problem Analysis and Ideation
  • Lean Business Model Canvas Design
  • Problem Validation and Customer Discovery
  • Solution Testing and Customer Validation
  • Positioning and Presenting a Business Idea

eDiscovery participants receive complimentary access to Impact Toolbox (est. value ~$400) and a free ticket to the OKGN Angel Summit (est. value ~$95).

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Program Partner:

eDisocovery is presented in partnership with WeBC.

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The program is funded by the Government of Canada’s Women Entrepreneurship Strategy.

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Supplemented By:

eDiscovery is supported by Impact Toolbox and Accelerate Okanagan.