Success Stories


cailan libby | co-Founder (2018)

Happipad is a sustainable home-sharing solution that matches homeowners with like-minded house guests to create connection, reduce social isolation, and increase affordable housing.

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Alyssa Farr | co-Founder (2019)

TasteAdvisor is a digital platform designed for retailers and tourism boards to take the guesswork out of buying wine.

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justin goodhew | Founder & ceo (2019)

Trellis is a social enterprise enabling charitable organizations to raise 25% more funds through easy-to-use virtual or in person events platform including ticketing, donation campaigns and silent auctions.

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Percept Systems

EPHRAIM NOWAK | Founder & CEO (2019)

Percept Systems develops advanced computer vision systems for industrial applications, including aircraft, UAVs, thermal imaging, and aerial mapping of wildfires. It also re-tooled to produce face shields for the COVID-19 pandemic.

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