Current Ventures

The following ventures are currently enrolled in our Mentor 2 Market program.

CloudTrac Services

Connor Scott (UBCO Electrical Engineering, 4th year); David Rojas (UBCO BBA alumnus, 2015)

Cloudtrac Services provides real-time GPS location information, vehicle status, and control of on and off-road vehicles that are vulnerable to theft, including motorcycles, personal watercraft, snowmobiles and ATVs. The system enables vehicle owners to track and recover stolen vehicles. The goal is reduction of the cost of third party insurance.

Book n Work

Ahmed ElMouchi (UBCO Civil Engineering, PhD candidate), Twafiq Menad, Mahmoud Hasbalnaby (UBCO Electrical Engineering, PhD candidate)

Book n Work pairs homeowners or offices that have extra space with students and start-ups that need co-working space. It’s the AirBnB of co-working.

Elite A2Z

Gavin Saini (UBCO Civil Engineering, 3rd year), Keyvan Khadem (UBCO Civil Engineering, 3rd year), Harvir Mann (UBCO Civil Engineering, 3rd year), Ahmed Ramadan (UBCO Civil Engineering, 3rd year)

A2Z filtration system removes 99% of hydrocarbon pollutants from stormwater runoff. The filter has the potential to remove/reduce other pollutants.

GAPSS – Gravity Assisted Particle Separation Systems

Jacob Sol (UBCO Civil Engineering, 2nd year), Cole White-Robinson (UBCO Mechanical Engineering, 2nd year), Jayden Wong (UBCO Electrical Engineering, 2nd year), Graeme Kumagai (UBCO Electrical Engineering, 2nd year), Rudransh Kumar (UBCO Electrical Engineering, 2nd year)

Gravity-Assisted Particle Separations System is an easy to install, retrofittable, and affordable stormwater decontamination product which performs 3 primary functions: (1) uses media filtration to remove hydrocarbons (looking to expand to other contaminants as well); (2) alters inflowing water fluid dynamics to promote sedimentation and remove sediments; and (3) uses a built-in sensor unit to collect real-time water quality data which is compiled and presented for an entire municipal network for monitoring.


Arpan Kandola (UBCO Civil Engineering alumnus), Brodie Couch (UBCO Civil Engineering alumnus), Brandon Caiza (UBCO Computer Science, 4th year)

Proximy is a platform that connects individuals to opportunities of interest – whether that be on a campus or in a community – thereby increasing connectivity and combating isolation and mental illness. The app overcomes the two-way communications challenge that exists on campuses or in other “communities” where line minded individuals have no way to access programs, activities, or clubs – and programmers have no way to reach their target audience because of privacy laws. In negotiations on a deal with Okanagan College and in discussions with faculty at UBCO.


Ehab Ghanem (UBCO Electrical/Geomatics Engineering, PhD candidate, multi-sensor fusion for autonomous vehicles), Sam Al Khalidy (Okanagan College Business School graduate and business executive), Mohammed Hussanein (Univ. of Calgary, PhD candidate) and Maan Khadr (Univ. of Calgary, PhD candidate)

VegMaps uses multi-spectral cameras from aerial drones to provide agricultural operations with data such as crop count, weed detection and irrigation. The team is undertaking a pilot with Ertus Software, an international wine production software consultancy at Culmina Winery currently.

The GelMA Company

Mohamed Gamal, PhD (UBCO Engineering alumnus, 2020), Mohamed Roushdy

“Okagel” is a biomaterial (gelatin methacrylate GelMA) designed as a bio-ink in 3D bioprinting and microfluidics. An initial application for biomaterial and devices for biomaterial synthesis and 3D bio printing include creation of tissues and organs to solve shortages of donors for treating and replacing injured or damaged tissues and organs. The company plans to continue to develop new materials, methods, and devices to address additional applications.

Omega Ratio

Jake Winkler (UBCO M.Sc alumnus, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 2019), Lisa Renaud (UBCO M.Sc alumna, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; current 1st year medical student), Daisy Ye, PhD (UBCO alumna, Biology)

The first dietary management tool that helps people track the consumption of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids – a key driver of inflammation/chronic disease. This application identifies the ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 in a user’s diet and provides recommendations and education to maintain a healthy proportion (4:1). Balancing the ‘Omega Ratio’ allows individuals to treat the root causes of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and many cancers as well as gut diseases.


Mahmoud Sakr (UBCO Mechanical Engineering, PhD candidate), Usama Ansari (UBCO MSc student Electrical Engineering, 3rd year), Mohamed Sakr, Motasem Sakr (MSc Electrical Engineering, Univ. of Toronto)

ResearchTube has developed an online platform that utilizes AI to convert the executive summaries of research papers into videos. The platform will enable research papers to be more widely disseminated to researchers, media and the general public utilizing web analytics. It will more effectively deliver content to a generation that consumes information via video versus print. The platform will also enable eventually virtual research conferences – which enable wider participation by academic and industry help overcome challenges of budget and travel restrictions – especially relevant during the current pandemic.


Michael Oyatsi (UBCO Mechanical Engineering alumnus, 2020), Kennedy Wafula, Trufena Oyatsi, John Ngida

Agronome is an agricultural technology platform targeting farmers in Africa that seeks to aggregate crop, weather, and market data, synthesizing it into relevant information for use by farmers, allowing them to undertake improved decision-making throughout the farming cycle. The team plans to use information from custom-built, affordable terrestrial weather observatories with satellite weather data as well as provides linkages between the farmers and other agricultural value chain stakeholders on a platform accessible by both smart and feature phones. The resulting solution is called A.I.R.E.S (an abbreviation for Agricultural Information and Remote Extension Services).


Saranjeet Singh (UBCO Masters Electrical Engineering alumnus, 2018)

We harness Big Data and Machine Learning to empower small brick and mortar businesses in cities to sell effectively online to consumers. Few small businesses are online or have a sophisticated online presence with the AI capabilities of major players like Amazon – and are particularly disadvantaged by the COVID epidemic to reach and deliver cost effectively to possible customers.

Tutor Me!

Pouria Mehrabi (UBCO MASc, Mechanical Engineering alumnus, 2018)

Tutor me connects students in all levels to tutors across Canada. In-class learning has been significantly impacted by global pandemic and online learning has become a vital tool that will continue to play a role in future classrooms. Our service offers an opportunity for students and parents to find and book the best tutor for their academic needs. Instructors will create a profile, choose their teaching topics, set their own rates, tutor online (or in person in future) and connect with thousands of potential students.

Experience Kelowna

Pala Kovacs (UBCO Management, 3rd year)

Experience Kelowna provides the ability to truly appreciate and experience the beautiful Okanagan. Imagine having your own personal photographer join you on your wine, brewery, ATV, sailing, climbing, hiking or helicopter tour. Now you can have your tour professionally photographed with high-end, magazine-worthy images. You can put your cell phone away and truly enjoy the tour.

Ommaty Tech Solutions

Mohamed Abouzaid, (UBCO Computer Science, 3rd year), Mohamed Aly (UBCO Mechanical Engineering, 3rd year)

The Muslim community is expected to be 6.6% of the population by 2030. This Mobile app enable will this growing consumer segment to more easily access relevant businesses and services such as restaurants, supermarkets and retails stores and enable such businesses to more easily plan and target their offerings.

Summer 2020 cohort


Digital platform designed for retailers and tourism boards to take the guesswork out of buying wine. The app uses AI to match a consumer’s personal taste preferences to a database of all regional wines, resulting in an accurate, personalized wine list.  Based on personal tastes, the solution also connects consumers with regional wineries, events and experiences – a navigation tool for exploring a region and an easy channel to purchasing. The platform can be white labelled to enable a wine region to easily customize content.

  • Named to Emerging Rocket Agri-Food list – BC companies with the greatest potential for revenue growth – past companies named include Hootsuite, Club Penguin (bought by Disney) and Flickr.
  • Contract with the BC Wine Institute
  • First place winner of the Pushor Mitchell e@UBCO Quick Pitch 2020 – Marketplace Track
  • Finalist for the Accelerate Okanagan Angel Summit.
  • Recipient of NRC IRAP and BDC funding.


Social enterprise home sharing platform to solve housing affordability and social isolation – now BC-wide and expanding across Western Canada.

  • Contract with Seniors Outreach and Resource Centre to provide home-sharing services to seniors across the Okanagan
  • Recipient of Columbia Basin Trust Award to fund the Revelstoke Community Resources Network in January 2020 – city’s first large-scale home sharing program
  • Winner Staples Canada This is How I Grow My Business Contest
  • Winner Purrpl CHANGEUP 2020 Pitch Competition
  • Recipient of funding from NRC IRAP and BDC


Digital platform for enterprise that connects users based on personal interests and proximity.  Ecosystems such as university clubs, faculty and programmers can post activities, events and opportunities and an AI algorithm matches the user’s preferences and proximity to those activities and other users with common interests.   The platform increases inclusion, reduces social isolation and thereby improves mental health.

  • Second place winner of RBC e@UBCO Quick Pitch 2019
  • Second place winner of Pushor Mitchell e@UBCO Quick Pitch 2020 – Marketplace Track
  • Developing pilots for Okanagan College and UBC, Okanagan Campus


Matchmaking site that emulates the integrity and community of real life matchmaking.

  • Winner Audience Choice Award at Okanagan Angel Summit 2020 (formerly BanditVR)

Accessible, realistic and immersive virtual 3D arts, culture and entertainment experiences on mobile devices.

  • Third prize winner Marketplace Pushor Mitchell e@UBCO Quick Pitch 2020 Award
  • Successful client contracts with interior designers and boat manufacturer


AI, sensor and IoT solution with broad applications, the first helping growers manage labour shortages, variable seasons and climate change by remotely managing key agriculture metrics.

  • Second prize winner Customer Discovery Pushor Mitchell e@UBCO Quick Pitch 2020 Award
  • Undertaking pilot with global wine business process software consultancy

Omega Ratio

Digital nutrition management tool for dietary management professionals and rehab specialists incorporating the latest science to combat inflammation/chronic disease including in Omega 3 and Omega 6.

  • First prize winner Customer Discovery Pushor Mitchell e@UBCO Quick Pitch Award


AI platform enables researchers to easily create publicly accessible videos of executive summaries of research papers and to hold virtual scientific meetings.

  • Accepted into second round of New Venture BC Competition.


Drone technology with cloud based analytics enables farmers to monitor crop irrigation, health and yields to combat labour shortages, seasonal weather variations and climate change – undertaking pilot with global wine business process software consultancy.

  • Undertaking pilot with global wine business process software consultancy


Biomaterial and devices for biomaterial synthesis and 3D bio printing including a BioInk to solve shortages of donors for treating and replacing injured or damaged tissues and organs.


Digital platform for African farmers that aggregates and synthesizes crop, weather and market data for decision-making and management of seasonal weather variations, market prices and climate change.

  • Current competitor in MbeleNaBiz Business Competition for young entrepreneurs in Kenya.


Electric bike rental service for UBCO students combating limited City bus service on campus and seeking transportation to class or shopping.