Current Ventures

The following ventures are currently enrolled in our Mentor 2 Market program.

Linkbase technologies inc.

Shiven Vinod Khera (UBCO Management, 5th year), Brandon Caiza (UBCO Computer Science, 5th year), Gursagar Singh (UBCO Management, 4th year)

Linkbase is an end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) enabling platform solution which provides robust cloud infrastructure, protocol integration, and firmware development capabilities to small and medium-sized enterprises looking to develop IoT products. Linkbase also develops industry-driven complete Software as a service (SaaS) solutions. First place winner of e@UBCO’s 2022 Quick Pitch competition.


Sunil Suresh (UBCO Mechanical Engineering, PhD Candidate), Rohith Jayaraman (UBCO Mechanical Engineering, MASc)

AccuDripper is looking forward to revolutionizing intravenous (IV) therapy by reducing the cost of infrastructure and increasing the efficiency of the setup process by applying micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) technology. Second place winner of e@UBCO’s 2022 Quick Pitch competition.


Agamjot Aneja (UBCO Mechanical Engineering, 3rd year), Monica Rampaul (UBCO), Mat O’Flynn (Univ. of Calgary alumnus, 2011), Rishan Pfaender (UBCO Mechanical Engineering, 3rd year), Navnit Bhaghar (UBCO Mechanical Engineering, 3rd year), Gen Smith (UBCO)

Aptixx Robotics Association is a Canadian federally registered charity, dedicated to educating youth around the nation about Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. Third place winner of e@UBCO’s 2022 Quick Pitch competition.

Ok hydrotech

Jack Greenshields (UBCO Mechanical Engineering, 4th year), Brenden Russell (UBCO Civil Engineering, 4th year), Jordan Mercuur (UBCO Engineering, 4th year), Santiago Correal (UBCO Mechanical Engineering, 4th year), Eddie Cochran (UBCO Civil Engineering, 5th year)

OK HydroTech develops Smart Irrigation systems that learn, automate, and optimize the tasks of daily farming operations to offer farmers practical solutions to aid operations, reduce stress, and improve crop yields. Finalist in e@UBCO’s 2022 Quick Pitch competition.

Safety in Purity (SIP)

Yosamin Esanullah (UBCO Mechanical Engineering, 2nd year), Elana Wood (UBCO Electrical Engineering, 3rd year), Yamen Shehab (UBCO Computer Engineering, 2nd year)

The SIP Project partners with outdoor adventure organizations, and humanitarian organizations to produce mobile filtration systems for emergency first-response and disaster relief. They are the winners of the 2021 Western Canadian AquaHacking Challenge. They are also the recipients of funding from UBC’s Inaugural Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Impact Fund, which helps student-led start-ups solve real-world problems.


Mikhail Ignatyev (UBCO Manufacturing Engineering, 2nd year), Tarek Al Kabbani (UBCO Electrical Engineering, 2nd year), André Cox (UBCO Mechanical Engineering, 2nd year), Sydney Strocen (UBCO Engineering, 2nd year)

Eledigm focuses on creating elegant products to solve water issues. “WaterSafe MK1” Eledigm’s first product creates a new paradigm for preventing cistern contamination. They are the second place winners of the 2021 Western Canadian AquaHacking Challenge. They are also the recipients of funding from UBC’s Inaugural Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Impact Fund, which helps student-led start-ups solve real-world problems.

The GelMA Company

Mohamed Gamal, PhD (UBCO Engineering alumnus, 2020), Mohamed Roushdy

“Okagel” is a biomaterial (gelatin methacrylate GelMA) designed as a bio-ink in 3D bioprinting and microfluidics. An initial application for biomaterial and devices for biomaterial synthesis and 3D bio printing include creation of tissues and organs to solve shortages of donors for treating and replacing injured or damaged tissues and organs. The company plans to continue to develop new materials, methods, and devices to address additional applications.


Ariele Parker (UBCO MA alumna, Sustainability, 2021, BMgt alumna, 2012)

Teas for Good is a loose leaf tea company with a give-back model. With the sale of every bag of tea, $5 goes to a good cause. The company uses local ingredients and creates custom artwork for different charities to help tell stories that mean the most to each organization.

safecity security solutions

Hisham Khan (UBCO Mechanical Engineering, 3rd year), Catarina Rodriguez (UBCO Mechanical Engineering, 3rd year), Edwin Firmansyah (UBCO Electrical Engineering, 3rd year), Carlos José Real López (UBCO Politics, Philosophy, Economics (PPE), 3rd year)

SafeCity Security works to solve friction points for businesses and homeowners by providing customized, easy-to-use, and innovative security solutions that provide comprehensive protection from unknown threats.

Above sensing ltd.

Vadim Stolvardov (Selkirk College BA GIS, 2nd year), Santiago Botero (Selkirk College BA GIS Alumnus, 2021)

Above Sensing is an innovative geospatial data and analytics service. They use leading-drones, sensors, and AI-powered analysis to accelerate critical-decision making and deliver high-quality results to clients in agriculture, forestry, and other land and resource management industries.

Hiilite strategic impact analysis

William Walczak (UBCO Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies, PhD Candidate)

The venture seeks to develop a digitized impact analytic tool to support small-and-medium-sized enterprises’ (SMEs) digital and big data marketing strategic planning in Canada. The project will employ the Growth Hacking framework and advanced predictive analytic models to understand and assess SMEs’ business and marketing planning. The digitized impact analytic tool will become a new decision support system to inform SMEs’ future marketing strategic planning.